SoleGUARDZ™ Puncture Resistant Insoles are an exciting, innovative product offering both superior comfort and puncture resistance with a fully encapsulated, flexible Steel-Flex® steel midsole.

SoleGUARDZ™ Puncture Resistant Insoles:

  • are extremely light and comfortable (weighing only slightly more than a regular insole).
  • can be worn continuously in your footwear or occasionally as the need for extra protection is required.
  • can be used in many types of non-safety footwear in place of any existing insole that has been provided with the footwear.
  • are fully encapsulated with a flexible Steel-Flex® steel midsole that exceeds all international standards for a puncture resistant device.

SoleGUARDZ™ Puncture Resistant Insoles have many suggested applications for use, including but not limited to, occasional use opportunities in factories and workplaces where safety policy dictates that penetration resistant footwear protection must be worn by employees and visitors