Full Face Masks

//Full Face Masks
  • Dräger X-plore 5500 full face masks are designed on the basis of the proven and reliable technology of Panorama Nova. The double-layer face seal with triple sealing action ensures reliable protection and a secure, leak-free seal regardless of your face shape. The “swept-back” low profile design of the filters provides an unobstructed wide field of vision. The distortion-free lens with 180° wide angle is optionally made of impact-proof polycarbonate material (with plastic frame) or scratch-proof and chemical resistant Triplex glass (with extra stable stainless steel frame). Another highlight is the easily adjustable head harness for quick and secure donning and doffing of the mask.

    The Dräger X-plore 5500 is available in one universal size to fit different face sizes and to simplify logistics and storage.

    Equipped with a safe and easy to use bayonet connection it is compatible with the extensive Dräger X-plore Bayonet Filter range.

  • The Dräger X-plore 6300 is designed for use by professionals in industry, and meets the highest demands for reliability, fit and comfort. Together with the respiratory filters from Dräger's comprehensive X-plore Rd40 filter range, it has proven suitable for a wide range of different applications.

    The mask body, which is made of robust and hypoallergenic EPDM, features a double-layer face seal with triple sealing action for a secure and comfortable fit on just about any shape of face. The mask comes in a universal “one size fits all”, making logistics and storage easy. The comfortable five-point head harness not only ensures that the mask can be donned easily and quickly, but is wide enough to prevent any pressure points on the wearer's head. The scratch-proof and distortion-free PMMA Plexiglas visor with 180° wide angle guarantees a large field of vision with panoramic view. The robust frame is made of extra-light plastic, and the intelligent ventilation system ensures that the visor remains fog-free.

    A barcode inside the mask makes checking inventories and carrying out mask maintenance easy. Valves can even be serviced without tools. A full range of accessories and spare parts are available. High quality materials and careful workmanship ensure mask longevity, making the masks highly cost effective.

  • Technologically advanced features position the 9000 full face respirator as the leader in its field. The exclusive over-molded lens design eliminates the usual heavy clamping frame to create an innovative full face with lighter weight, greater field of vision, fewer parts, minimal maintenance and completely free of metal parts.

    Workers will appreciate the ultra-lightweight comfort. The stand away head harness, with extra wide opening, makes putting on and taking off quick and easy. Strap buckles are securely molded directly to the facepiece for rugged use and ease of adjustment. Lens is coated for scratch resistance.

    • Streamlined and ultra-light weight increases worker comfort and compliance
    • Exclusive over-molded lens design for greater field of vision
    • Fewer parts for minimal maintenance
    • Stand away head harness, with extra wide opening for quick and easy donning
    • Strap buckles are securely molded to facepiece for rugged use
    • Lens is coated for scratch resistance
    • Completely free of metal parts for mines, refineries and other industries
    • Cartridges/Filters also compatible with 7000 half mask.